Columns delight!


Columns delight!

Imitating, mummificating… Turning round the past, copying it. Super retro design for a corporative image. This is my every-morning bus stop. Every morning people make a pilgrimage to this mini metallic doric temple: just to wait for the bus.

Lately (and always), columns have been a very popular resource of national identity, with a classical reputation. Building columns is what architects are useful for nowadays. This other four columns have been built in Montjuïc mountain in Barcelona.
Their age is one year. Its construction is a way of recovering the four columns (one for every red stripe in the Catalan flag) that were built in 1919 for the International Exhibition in Barcelona and were destroyed in the Primo de Rivera dictatorship in 1928, just before the Exhibition opening in 1929.
Nevertheless, columns have always been a curious element to analyse. Adolf Loos proposal for the Chicago Tribune in 1922 is one of the most strange examples of what a column is wanted to be.
Happy column day.

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