Moul / Mol / Mill


Moul / Mol / Mill

Three of the same kind.

First. It was founded in 1889 by Josep Oller Roca, born in Terrassa. He also founded the Olympia.

Second. Opened ten years later with the name La Pajarera Catalana, copied the first one’s name in 1910 (though adding Pétit). Afterwards, it was Spanished.

Third. It opened in 1909 with the name Palais de Luxe. Later, in 1930, when Laura Henderson refurbished it, the new name was linked with the street name, where a windmill existed in the 18th century, but also with the first and the second.

The triplets in three cities: Paris, Barcelona, London. In their tummy, varieties, with showgirls dancing and singing. The Moulin Rouge, el Molino, the Windmill Theatre.


Moulin Rouge, Montmartre, Paris


El Molino, Paral·lel street, Barcelona


The Windmill Theatre, Windmill Street, London

The papier couché is the evanescent trace of their history. And red colour, a distinctive.

C’ést très excitant!..


Lujo, Arte, Gracia y Picardía

Moul / Mol / Mill, three oldies of the same kind.

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