Aviary in Maritime Zoo


Aviary in Maritime Zoo

Explorable artificial habitat for birds and reptiles through an organic evolution promenade from the underground to the sky / Barcelona, Spain

The new maritime zoo is going to be locatedon the newly built coastal platform in the Forum area, in Barcelona. This split area of the zoo widens the collection of habitats by representing animals who life near the water. The town hall is planning to build the new aviary in the plot that neighbours with Prim mouth. The aviary is supposed to be the end part of the zoo. It features different species of birds, reptile terrariums, cafés, auditoriums, a veterinary clinic and shops.
The near buildings’ skylines play an important role as a background for the aviary. There are high buildings, and a very fragmented volumetric shape. This one last geometry is the main visible structure from the platform. The aviary project adds a visible and high structure that can be seen from the rest of the zoo and from the area. The other parts of the zoo are low constructions that interact with water, so the aviary has to play a background role as well. From the underground, the caves, we have to walk around some obstacles that attract out attention. This zigzag leads us slowly to the water tanks, surrounded by a series of different spaces that project and contain extra information about the animals. From here, the upwards ramps begin, always next to the walls’ perforations, watching, while ascending, the birds’ nests (their houses). In the end, the horizon, flying over the sea and vision of the infinity and abysm.

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