Badalona South Reboot


Badalona South Reboot

Urban transformation from obsolete industrial quarter into a complex mixed used fabric, new streets and circulation hierarchy, facilities and public spaces / Badalona, Spain

The project approaches to the old traces that still exist. Beginning with the proposal of maintaining some of the existing buildings (so as to keep some work activity, and to locate public use elements with easy identification (equipments, pergolas, etc.), the new dwelling units are established with surface correspondence basis, in volumes in order to obtain a appropriate space for the existing architectures.Based in the structure analysis and streets observation, the project is divided in two systems:
– Sea parallel streets. Continuous streets with high buildings, shops and stores in the lower floors, wide car and wheel circulation flows but without parking space in it. They offer a direct connection between Barcelona and Badalona, and other coastal villages and towns.
– Sea-mountain streets. Fragmented streets, open and recessed spaces (this scheme comes from the performance of the original street structure that invades part of the exterior) that allow entrances to the interior of the blocks for pedestrians and cars. Its morphology is determined by the buildings that remain untouched. Public space is bigger. Ground floors with trade and service sector. The connection with Marquès de Montroig Avenue guarantees a quick way linked to car exits from the inside of the blocks.
~ Railroad zone. 1,5 m elevated public space with green areas. Sports and recreation space. Protection from the railroad. Gateways that connect with the other side of the rail (chimneys, equipments, elevated walkway).

Industrial area superimposed to the past orchards

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