Hammam in New Gourna


Hammam in New Gourna

Nile Valley, Luxor area

Public baths complex in a fragile community next to the river nile, landscape views from intimacy areas, brick construction systems / New Gourna, Egypt

The competition proposal is based in building a new public hammam in ceramic materials in New Gourna, Egypt. Particularly, this town is defined by a complete project developed by an Egyptian architect called Hassan Fathy. It is not a town that has grown throughout history. During the first half of the 20th century, when the archaeological works turn to be more conscious and important for the Egyptian society, the government and cultural institutions get aware of the danger that represents the robbery and smuggling Egyptian antiquities. Gourna was a little village established on very important archaeological sites and for centuries and especially in the 20th, people sacked the treasures that were underground. So as to end with this situation, the Egyptian government proposed the construction of a new city to relocate the original population far away from the ruins. Hassan Fathy, an Egyptian architect that made a lot of research about architectural traditions in his own country, was commissioned the work of designing the city. His plan reflects physically the different tribes and social subgroups that are part of the urban amalgam of old Gourna. However, the whole design was not built and it is still incomplete. In that architectural and social context, after fifty years, the competition comes up with the building of a new public hammam in this uniquely-configured town.

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