House for an artist


House for an artist

Permanent house for the artist, seasonal house for the family, occasional house for guests, showroom for clients, landscape for neighbours  / El Serradet, Lleida, Spain

The first inputs for the project are visual references: Mur castle, Santa Maria and the watchtower (old buildings), the lake and the mountains. The house is located in a privileged area that allows a panoramic view of the valley. The second element is the opposite perception: the view from the lower village, Guàrdia de Tremp, of the house as a new visual reference. The materiality of the house (stone from the place), besides using surrounding materials, would be something like a new “ruin”, a series of nude walls without covering. The third element is the exploitation of the natural topography as a space generator for the house. This attitude aims to minimise soil movements and respect outdoor spaces that are noticeable in the present. The fourth element of the project is the colonisation of these walls, covering them with wooden joists, girders and planks, and stone roof (all supported by the walls). The furniture takes advantage of the cavities in the walls, spreading itself and giving a soft and warm texture for life. The whole house is a thermal bridge, the continuous human presence and big thermal inertia assure comfort. 

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