Raval Housing Barcelona


Raval Housing Barcelona

Urban voids catalog as social opportunities strategy, students and seniors residence, social dining room, offices for associations and shops / Raval Area, Barcelona, Spain

Geometrically, there is not a single continuous trace that communicates Vilana Mountains with Mediterranean Sea. From Bellesguard Street till Portal de la Pau, a series of squares and streets are linked together. Muntaner Street is the longest and most continuous track of this way. The will to achieve, in an effective way, a continuity not only mountain-seaside but the construction of a way through Raval to connect it to Eixample  has a rethought materialisation called Rambla del Raval and Drassanes Avenue, projects which have no direct continuity with Eixample mountain-seaside streets. 
In Drassanes Avenue, the street grows by the existence of squares and gardens that make the street section change. In this case, it is different from the previous streets. This avenue is drawn on the old streets of Raval, but it doesn’t respect any ancient trace, but is located on the axis Rambla del Raval-Sant Oleguer Street-Portal de la Pau. It’s an emptying  operation and reconstruction project in which there are still some old symptoms. The lack of buildings and general planning in the development of Drassanes Avenue is visible: party walls are visible, the back part of buildings is exposed visually in the streets and squares, alignment, rhythms, heights, programmes, etc. The building is designed with the premise of dry construction and dismountable systems. Concrete is not used for the floor structure; they are made of special wood multilayer systems capable of achieving noise and thermal isolation. The project consists of a students and elderly people residence and a public dining room.

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